When they can’t officially ban a film or stop an event

In 2006, at the censor board’s request, a special screening of Aamir Khan’s blockbuster Rang De Basanti was held for the top brass of the armed forces and then defence minister Pranab Mukherjee. There’s an aggression in the right-wing discourse that is trying to destabilise a balanced rational narrative.. The foundation of Indian civilisation is tolerance and the existence of diversity. The film revolves around a doctor, played by actor Joseph Vijay, who questions India’s poor public healthcare system. This was after the film had already got a censor certificate. There is blatant misuse of the state machinery to intimidate people. In fact, politician-bashing has been one of its most well-accepted modes of entertainment. He delivers dialogues like why a country like Singapore levies lower GST and yet provides free healthcare while India has GST of 28 per cent but cannot offer quality medical care.India has a strong and aware film industry that has raised its voice time and again about various social and political issues.

Raja, in a bizarre remark, accused the actor of carrying on a hate campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the film because he (the actor) is a Christian. The famous BBC documentary India’s Daughter, on the victim of the horrific December 16, 2012 Delhi gangrape, was not allowed to be screened in India as, according to Arun Jaitley, the film showed India in a bad light and it would "affect tourism".Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution aimed to purge all "impurities" from Chinese society by destroying everything that questioned his authority. North Korea continues to suffer even till today. Anyone criticising the government is termed "anti-national". It’s all about the personality cult and concentration of power through eliminating differences. The film revolved around the death of a young pilot in a MiG-21 crash and showed murky deals about politicians, including a defence minister, taking bribes. He asks how can government hospitals function without a supply of oxygen cylinders — a clear reference to the Gorakhpur tragedy, in the constituency of UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath, where over 100 children died at a public hospital allegedly due to oxygen supply being cut off over unpaid bills.Aamir Khan’s Fanaa faced an unofficial ban in the state due to the strong stand taken by him on the Narmada Bachao Andolan.The killing of rationalists, and lately the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, are among the incidents of extreme violence where dissent has been silenced through assassination.

Any extreme ideology, be it far-right or far-left, is dictatorial in nature that cannot tolerate the slightest criticism or divergence of opinion. The overcautious censor board wanted clearance from the defence ministry and Indian Air Force. Raja for allegedly watching a pirated version of the movie. On the contrary, he found it "very inspiring" for youngsters. So Edge banding Machine manufacturers after getting a certificate from such a body, it’s unfathomable why members of the ruling party and a Central minister are raising objections about a few lines criticising GST. He goes on to question how a country that levies 12 per cent tax on medicines charges no GST on alcohol. The argumentative Indian thrives on differences of opinion, the ability to absorb criticism and grow beyond it, and the coexistence of diverse worldviews. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime witnessed unprecedented oppression and genocide.Lately, the nation is witnessing gagging of freedom of expression and dissent through means that includes extreme violence. Take that away, and the soul of India will die. Another Tamil Nadu BJP leader, H. Much of the parallel cinema of the 1980s and 1990s was extremely critical of the establishment. It’s strange Mr Jaitley and his government don’t subscribe to a more rational view that to attract tourism and to rectify India’s image, it’s better to stop Nirbhaya- like incidents rather than banning a film on her. Communist Russia’s Josef Stalin was one of the worst dictators in world history who simply killed his opponents through executions and assassinations. Films like Parzania and Firaq that revolved around the 2002 Gujarat riots were not allowed to be screened in the state under the threat of damage and arson to theatres that might exhibit it. After watching the film, Mr Mukherjee remarked it was not his job to censor films, that was the censor board’s responsibility, but he had rather enjoyed the film and not found anything objectionable. Union minister Pon Radhakrishnan demanded those dialogues should be edited out. Students are regularly oppressed if they dare sing a different tune than the line of discourse the government and ruling party is trying to impose surreptitiously, and sometimes blatantly.Compare this to the controversy over the recently-released Tamil film Mersal that has some BJP leaders, including a Union minister, fretting and fuming over some minor criticism of GST. When they can’t officially ban a film or stop an event, they take recourse to physical violence. Similarly, the director-general of inspections and flight safety at Air Headquarters, Air Marshal Padamjit Singh Ahluwalia, told the media the services respected freedom of speech, and there was nothing "anti-national" about the film. Members of minority communities are frequently asked to leave the country if they dare criticise the government, indicating the fragility of their situation. It has been the perpetual grudge of filmmakers that the censor board is too strict.Even film dialouges are attributed to deliberate hatred against the Prime Minister because the actor belongs to a different religion. The income-tax department has conducted a search at the production company of Tamil actor Vishal after he came out in support of Mersal and criticised BJP leader H. These are extreme examples, but they are real-life events, not fiction. Isn’t freedom of expression, including criticising government policies, an integral part of democracy? Are we now coming to a situation that other than the censor board, the script, dialogues and the religion of actors need to be vetted by the BJP?Right-wing forces are not the greatest proponents of the freedom of expression.After the film’s release, the BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit chief, Tamilisai Soundararajan, accused the film of criticising the Centre and also demanded those lines be removed from it. At the end of the film, the corrupt defence minister was shot dead

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Now I want the government to bring their bodies

Among them were three of Sahebs friends -- fellow so-called "rat-hole" miners from the same impoverished village -- whose fate he managed to escape and who he fears may now be dead. He sounded very happy."An environmental court banned mining in Meghalaya in 2014 because of the pollution threat to water sources and the risk to the miners. As a labourer in Assam, Saheb said he earned Rs 300 a day."My mother has asked me not to work in mines again."It has been a long time.

I do not think they are alive. Saher has his wife and three small kids," said Shah Alam Sheikh.Mohammed Abdul Mia, Sahers father, blamed the delayed rescue effort, saying: "If the government had taken proper steps earlier to rescue them, I would have got my son back"."Seconds later, he saw a deluge coming towards him.Bhangnamari (Meghalaya): Saheb Ali felt an icy wind, saw a wall of water hurtling towards him and desperately held on to an electric cable to avoid becoming one of the 15 men trapped for more than two weeks in the 370-foot-deep illegal coal mine in East Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya.But rat-hole mining has remained rampant."We do not know what will happen now, we are a large family.Rat-infestedPoverty and a lack of jobs has forced thousands of migrants to risk their lives as "rat-miners" in Meghalaya. He told me that he will quickly send some money," Hussains wife Obijan Khatun told AFP."Authorities say it had taken time to get men and machinery to the remote village."I was pulling a wagon from a chamber when suddenly I felt a cold wind followed by the roar of water," said Saheb.Sahebs village of Bhangnamari in Assam is 400 kilometres (250 miles) from Ksan, but has paid a heavy price in Indias latest mining catastrophe. "I do not know what to do."Me and four others grabbed electric cables hanging from the shaft roof and managed to stay on the surface."He somehow pulled us one after another into the box and we made it to ground level.Amir Hussain, another of Sahebs friends, has a wife and three children.

I had never felt such a force inside the mine."I have three brothers and four sisters to look after besides my mother." But other jobs do not pay enough.The missing workers were cut off when water from a river poured into the illegal mine -- a disaster that has made headlines amid increasingly desperate efforts to save the group."He spoke to me on December 13 before going to work.Sudden delugeWork started as usual before dawn on December 13 at Ksan, Saheb recalled in an interview with AFP.The deluge carried the five men almost 100 feet up the shaft, where they miraculously saw the mine lift coming down, with one man inside.The brother of Sahebs friend Saher Islam said Saher had signed up for the dangerous work to earn money to repay debts worth Rs 200,000. "We shouted for help but we knew no one would hear us," he said. I need to earn more money," Saheb said."Now I want the government to bring their bodies out so we can give them a proper burial. But no one knows the might of Allah, a miracle is possible," said the 21-year-old, a migrant worker."Saheb said he can still not believe his luck but fears for Saher Islam, Monirul Islam and Amir Hussain, all friends from Bhangnamari.They had been working as miners in Meghalaya for five years.Indian Navy divers were belatedly brought in at the weekend along with scores of emergency workers, engineers and heavy-duty machines to pump out the water."Frightened, Saheb said he had to fight to stop being dragged under the quickly rising water."Is there any chance they are alive?".The miners families share the outrage expressed over the snail-paced Panel Sawing Machine Factory rescue at the mine in the Jaintia Hills district.Most had to hack out coal and load it onto carts which Saheb and four others then hauled back to the central shaft. Scores have died in similar accidents in recent years.At least 20 men went down 115 metres (380 feet) into the shaft where coal was being mined in defiance of a court ban."Where is the wind coming from? I shouted

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It is planned terrorism by the majority community

Targeting minorities On Dec.The home minister along with his cabinet colleague Kiran Maheshwari and Rajsamand MP Hariom Singh Rathore was member of a Whatsapp group that hailed the murder of Afrazul. The sustained campaign of polarising on communal lines is paying off for the present dispensation," he said. "Usually, two sides are involved in what we call communal clashes but what is being seen now is that attacks are happening only by one side on flimsy ground," he said.Social scientist and former professor in Rajasthan University, Dr. The social divide is widening.A senior police officer who has served in sensitive areas at the time of communal frenzy in the 90s agreed."We are becoming reactionary and religious intolerant.He said what is worry is that unlike in the past when at least those in the government would condemn such incident, they now openly support the perpetrators of crime.The Whatsapp group was created by Prem Mali who claims to be a Rajasthan BJP worker. It is part of a much larger conspiracy to instill fear among the minorities to make them submissive and nonchalant," he explained.Dalit social activist Bhanwar Meghwanshi who was at one point of time active member of RSS warns about ignoring murder of Pehlu Khan and Afrazul as mere hate crimes.Social scientists also accuse those in the state government machinery of tacitly supporting the aggressors, who in most cases happen to be Hindus.

Rajasthan, where not a single major incident of communal violence took place at the time of partition, has transitioned over the decades from a quiet and peaceful state to the one having several flashpoints of communal polarisation that began in the late 80s with Ram Temple movement that left behind a trail of hatred, distrust and fear and setting off a chain of communal incidents in last three decades. 13 by cow vigilantes in Alwar. 6, Afrazul, a labourer from West Bengal, was murdered and burnt alive by a dalit man, Shambhu Lal Regar, Woodworking Drilling Equipment Manufacturers who accused Afrazul of ‘Love Jihad’ in RajsamandDairy farmers, Pehlu Khan and Umar Khan, were killed on April 1 and Nov. In case of Afrazul’s brutal murder, he remarked that it showed the anguish and anger of the killer. It now figures in the rogue list of eight states which account for 85% of communal incidents in the country.

"It is planned terrorism by the majority community. He pointed to statements by state home minister Gulab Chand Kataria.Jaipur: Mob lynchings and "love jihad" violence are the latest in series of hate crimes and reactionary and religious intolerance, multiplied by irresponsible social media, that are tarnishing Rajasthan’s image as a communally violent state. When Pehlu Khan was killed, Mr Kataria said that both sides were at fault.Experts say the ugly face of present day communal violence is different from the past as it is vicious, venomous and one-sided."Earlier, the other side was also at fault sometimes but now there is only one aggressor and the other one is a victim," said Kavita Shrivastava, state president of PUCL who has done several case studies of communal incidents in Rajasthan while referring to killing of dairy farmers Pehlu Khan and Ummar Khan allegedly by cow vigilantes in Alwar and most recently migrant labourer Afrazul Sheikh’s killing in a suspected case of "love Jihad" by Shambhulal Regar in Rajsamand district.According to him, during Ram temple movement and post Babri mosque demolition people got influenced events at national events but now they are giving into false propaganda of love jihad while there is data to support this trend. Rajiv Gupta said the trend of increasing violence against Muslims reflects decay of progressive intellectualism

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When they see me doing this type of work they are really

But Nawazs drive and expertise has impressed colleagues, who say she can more than hold her own.The 24-year-old spent years overcoming entrenched gender stereotypes and financial hurdles en route to earning a mechanical engineering degree and netting China woodworking machinery Manufacturers a job with an auto repairs garage in the eastern city of Multan."."No hardship could break my will and motivation," she says proudly."I was shocked to see a young girl lifting heavy spare tyres and then putting them back on vehicles after repairs," customer Arshad Ahmad told AFP. Women have long struggled for their rights in conservative patriarchal Pakistan, and especially in rural areas are often encouraged to marry young and devote themselves entirely to family over career. I too am very happy. And then a bit of respect.Just a year into the job, and promoted to general repairs, Nawaz moves with the ease of a seasoned pro around the dealerships garage, removing tyres from raised vehicles, inspecting engines and handling a variety of tools -- a sight that initially jolted some customers.

"When they see me doing this type of work they are really surprised."I took it up as a challenge against all odds and the meagre financial resources of my family," Nawaz told AFP.The sacrifices cleared the way for steady work at a Toyota dealership in Multan following graduation, she adds."Whatever task we give her she does it like a man with hard work and dedication," said coworker M Attaullah."There is no need in our society for girls to work at workshops, it doesnt seems nice, but it is her passion," said her father Muhammad Nawaz.She has also convinced some of those who doubted her ability to make it in a male-dominated work environment, including members of her own family.Multan: Since picking up a wrench as one of the first female car mechanics in conservative Pakistan, Uzma Nawaz has faced two common reactions: shock and surprise."Hailing from the small, impoverished town of Dunyapur in eastern Pakistans Punjab province, Nawaz relied on scholarships and often skipped meals when she was broke while pursuing her degree.Her achievements are rare. "She can now set up the machinery and can work properly

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